They were Here in the West


“They were Here in the West” by BMTC 18×24 edition of 50, BFK Rives Creme, French Black ink

©2013 BMTC Studio Artist Brennyn Carmen

Artist Statement:

My background is culturally diverse, with strong Japanese, Spanish, German, and Welsh pioneer influences. I often felt tension in trying to figure out where I fit in, wishing just to identify as “American.” Moving state to state, however, allowed me to explore diverse aspects of American culture and appreciate the subtleties of identity in ordinary scenes. Many of my observations were glimpses of cultures that were not uniquely American, but were pieces of the mosaic that make up modern American identity.

Contentment came in embracing that “American” means piecing it all together, and finding validity in this! cultural mix.There is a natural tension in this pursuit which I explore this in my intaglio by addressing formal issues, and balancing the conflict of light versus dark, texture and line, and especially process to create this tension. I allowed chemicals to do what they will, and I would work with the rest of the image to make it complete and my own. It has been a journey through my artwork and exploring this concept that I believe I have reached a balance in both my identity and image making as an intaglio artist.



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